Projection & Displays

ImmerActive  360 

ImmerActive 360 brings your entire suite to life like never before. The ImmerActive360 solution enables the patient to become fully immersed in an experience that fully changes their environment and surroundings.

We enhance the patient experience by taking their mind off of the hospital and refocusing them on a fun, and stimulating atmosphere.


ImmerActive transforms the patient experience by immersing them in a vibrant, living, customized environment that they choose based on images and designs they associate with comfort, calm and tranquility.

Using engaging animations that bring the room to life, ImmerActive changes the way patients, family and staff experience healthcare.



ImmerDisplay transforms the patient experience by allowing them to choose their environment through a variety of design and lighting  options.


ImmerDisplay will bring the room to life and change its 

atmosphere to reflect a sense of peace and tranquility for patients and staff.