MRI Shielding and Finishes

MRI Shielding

CHS and Simon Hegele's magnetic shielding systems are primarily constructed of wood backing and copper sheeting. Our shielding is constructed to the exact dimension as required by the MRI Equipment Vendor Designs.


No matter the size, dimensions, or requirements, we will work with your architect and engineer to provide the necessary details to support the required magnetic shielding.

MRI Finishes

The functionality of medical imaging is in direct relation with the speed of the exams. The same is true with the environment - relaxed patients can 

decrease exam time. The ability to balance both aspects of a room is complex. 

CHS has partnered with Simon Hegele to develop special furniture that completely integrates with room walls. So much so that they practically 

disappear. This enables you to have rooms that are visually clean while still maintaining functionality.

Included as part of our MRI finishes are special furniture modules for aesthetic purposes that work with the rest of the room decoration.

This solution can be incorporated in to any medical imaging project including MRI rooms or to retrofit an existing room.